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LogoAbout Colour Genie

We are the first company in the UK to provide a complete range of products and services to support paint and coatings manufacturers and distributors. We offer a wide range of inter-related products and services that help to generate growth in sales and market share. Through the provision of a focused solution for your needs, we deliver greater efficiency and power to your business.

LogoColour Tinting Machinery

Highly accurate and reliable machinery for colour mixing is a pre-cursor for paints and coatings manufacturers and distributors.
Our dedicated products and support services are at the leading edge of dispensing technology.
Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for Hero S.p.A in the UK and Ireland.
Hero are a global manufacturer of tinting and mixing equipment for the paint and coatings industry.
The company is represented in most countries around the world, with manufacturing operations in Canada, Italy, India and China.
Hero manufacture automatic colourant dispensing and mixing equipment for point of sale, in-plant production and automotive refinishing.

Dispensing Systems

From entry-level manual machines, to in plant tinting systems, we offer the complete range of Hero tinting equipment.

Mixing Systems

We supply Hero vibration and gyroscopic mixers suitable for all types of coatings, from printing inks to plaster.


We offer a complete installation and system training service with UK based systems engineers.


Post warranty periods we offer an optional parts and labour service and support contract to suit the needs of our customers.


For further product, software and technical information on the Hero range please visit the Hero website.Hero

In association with Tide-UK, Colour Genie offers dedicated maintenance and service support for all Hero dispensing and mixing machinery. We offer annual service agreements tailored to suit specific customer requirements and budgets, from fully inclusive contracts to maintenance only. We also supply all sundry items and machine parts for Hero systems. (Tide-UK also provide independent service and maintenance support for many other makes of dispensing and mixing machinery.)

For further information please contact Colour Genie. (For urgent technical assistance please contact Jared Wright at jw@tide-uk.com)

LogoProcess Machinery

Colour Genie Group Limited are pleased to announce their latest collaboration with IEC+ of Italy. The mechanical engineering company specialise in the design and manufacture of Mixing, Grinding and Dispersing Equipment as well as complete Engineering Studies and Turnkey Solutions.

The company’s dynamic team have over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery and plant solutions to the following industries –

  • Paints & Varnishes
  • Polymers & Adhesives
  • Putties & Glazes
  • Industrial, Coil and Wood coatings
  • Marine & Aeronautical coatings
  • Car Refinishing
  • Printing, Offset and UV inks
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Ceramics, Cosmetics, Perfume and Food

IEC+ offers a complete product and support package to process manufacturing organisations. In conjunction with Colour Genie Group Limited, the business is rapidly gaining a strong reputation for reliable, quality equipment and service at a very competitive price.

Please download the new 2017 edition PDF brochure and contact us with any questions, we’re here to assist.

Washing Systems and Solvent Recovery

D.W.RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH are a medium-sized company that develops, manufactures and sells cleaning and solvent recovery systems for the graphic arts industry and the paint producing industry. They are the market leader in the graphic arts industry and one of the world's leading suppliers to the paint industry. Renzmann equipment can be found on all continents of the world. High quality standards have earned Renzmann a good reputation around the globe.

Following the merger with the Swiss company Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions, D.W. Renzmann is now able to offer customers the widest range of washing machines and distillation units by one manufacturer.

Thanks to their decades of experience in these special markets, Renzmann are able to offer customers all the support they need. Whether you need help applying for an operating license, planning your washing or distillation room, evaluating the economic efficiency of equipment or finding the best cleaners and cleaning methods, the qualified experts at D.W. Renzmann can provide advice in all areas.

Washing machines for the paint producing industry

Renzmann machines and units conform to the relevant European regulations and offer maximum health and safety protection for the operator. Washing machines are used to clean cans, buckets, barrels, containers and shipping containers.

Distillation units

Distillation units recover contaminated solvents and washing agents. The distillate is as effective as new solvent and can be reintroduced into the solvent circuit of the cleaning system. This contribution to a healthy environment also has significant economic benefits as most distillation units recoup their costs in a very short time.

All distillation units can be combined with a washing machine and an appropriate washing agent supply system to form a closed circuit.

Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for DW Renzmann GmbH in the UK and Ireland for the paint industry.

For further product and technical information on the Renzmann range please visit the Renzmann website.


LogoColourants & Pigments


As exclusive agents, Colour Genie are proud to announce the launch of Iris Green S.p.A in the UK & Ireland. Iris Green are the leading Italian manufacturers of ready-to-use pigment dye pastes for universal and water based products. They specialize in a wide range of colourant, pigment and chemical products for numerous applications including

  • Powder pigments for paints, varnishes and coatings
  • Liquid dispersions of concentrated pigments for universal and water based products for use with tinting systems
  • Industrial dyes for wood, coatings, inks, plastics, leather and many more materials
  • Pearlescent pigments
  • Metallic powders and pastes

For specific product information download the pdf documents.

For Tinting Systems

For Industrial Plant Systems

Powder Pigments

For Colour Effects

For Thermoplastic Polymers

LogoColour Cards

Selecting colour with confidence and ease is a vital interface between manufacturer, distributor and end user. Colour Genie provides integrated solutions to help you communicate and differentiate your colour offer and engage with your customers.

Colour samples

Conventional Colour Sampling

Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for Matherson S.p.A in the UK and Ireland.

  • Matherson are a leading global manufacturer of colour merchandising materials.
  • They produce colour sampling tools for the paints and coatings industry including decorative, woodcare, automotive and industrial.
  • With a very flexible approach to cater for particular and exacting customer requirements, Matherson handle everything from small production runs to wide ranging colour solutions for multinational corporations.
  • By combining product innovation with optimal marketing and over fifty years experience, Matherson are at the forefront of colour sampling.

Please contact Colour Genie to discuss your colour sampling requirements.



Digital Colour Selection

Colour Genie are working with Paradox Concepts.

  • Paradox Concepts develop sophisticated digital colour selection tools for use in conjunction with smartphone and tablet applications, both for use in store and at home.
  • For further details and to make a demonstration appointment, please contact Colour Genie.


LogoTest Equipment


Established in 1989, Espancolor Test Panels are now available in the UK and Ireland through Colour Genie Group Limited. Based near Barcelona, Spain, for over 25 years the company has been manufacturing assured quality test panels. Available in a range of metal and non-metal substrates in various shapes, Espancolor has the right materials to suit the demands of customers across the coatings industry.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our product brochure or require any further details.


Effective marketing and communication is at the heart of what Colour Genie offers.
Our products and services are tailored and combined to deliver the support you need to grow your business.


Building Brands

  • Our industry specific experience with paint manufacturers and distributors provides us with a wealth of knowledge and experience to support our customers.
  • Our objective is to respect and enhance brands.
  • In our view, it's a matter of establishing and adhering to guidelines and maintaining consistency.
  • Whether helping to develop new or supporting established brands, we strive to grow and cultivate brand essence.
  • We take time to understand a brand so we can tailor solutions that will work wherever it's communicated; from literature and packaging through to instore and advertising.

Strategic Marketing

  • Many of the smaller companies we support have grown organically and never previously considered a more strategic approach to marketing their business.
  • We systematically approach each brief by applying best practice standards to every stage - from a projects conception through to measuring its success.
  • The devil is in the detail, so we identify issues, analyse audiences, explore relevant trends, research competitors and use customer feedback to gain insight and plan far-reaching strategies.
  • Our collective approach will then generate ideas that, depending on requirements, can be realised across any communication channels, from instore point of sale to online advertising.

New Product Development

Manufacturer and Distributor Graphic


Markets become increasingly competitive but so does the scope for expansion. Manufacturers have the ability to produce new an innovative paints and coatings but sometimes lack the skills to expand into new markets, both in terms of product sector and geography, without having to commit to additional manpower. We can help to implement a new venture and provide ongoing support as required.


Whether your market is business to business or business to consumer, distributors and retailers are often presented with challenges from their customers. This most commonly revolves around the need to provide a solution to a problem or take advantage of new opportunities. Our experience with a wide cross-section of manufacturers and distributors in the UK and overseas means we can facilitate business connections between both parties and effectively link supply with demand.

Multichannel Communications

Packaging Design

We provide design for many formats of packaging and labelling, from can decoration to pallet wraps.

Point of Sale

We design and source bespoke fixture tailored to our clients requirements.
We've worked on everything from gondola dressings to illuminated interior and exterior signage.
Many of our projects involve integrated solutions, combining packaging design with POS, signage and advertising campaigns.


We bring concepts to life with professional print solutions to meet deadlines and budgets.
Whether its press advertising, product brochures or multi-page catalogues your work will be constructed, proofed and produced to the highest standard.
In addition to our network of preferred print suppliers with whom we can negotiate competitive prices, we have our own in-house print specialist. Highly skilled in pre-press procedures and colour matching, you can be sure that your job will go to print in the best shape possible.
If you would like a copy of our creative portfolio please request by sending an email to info@colourgenie.co.uk.

Event Management & Exhibitions

For some businesses, managing events and exhibitions can be a daunting task.
If organised and managed efficiently it can reap rewards, especially in a digital age when meeting customers face-to-face is becoming less regular.
Our negotiation skills with event organisers can optimise your position and get the most for your money.
Our experience with co-ordinating stand layout and design maximises your impact.
We can help with logistics, planning and event management, help reduce the stress and allow you to concentrate on your customers.
We have represented clients at the following events –



We regularly assist clients with their website requirements, providing content and support.
Because we understand the needs of the paint customer, commercial or domestic, we can help develop content for sites to generate the most appeal and traffic.
We're experienced in developing content for e-commerce sites, targeting both trade and retail users.
We manage and provide content for social media sites on behalf of our clients so a consistent message prevails.
We design and activate email campaigns to further raise awareness of current activities, targeting our clients existing customers and also new ones.

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