About Colour Genie

If you’re a coatings manufacturer, distributor, owner or manager of a paint brand you know there are so many factors to consider it can be rather frustrating. At Colour Genie we’re very good at helping solve the puzzle.

Whether you’re new to the industry or an old hand, the part we play is to work through your requirements, provide a tailor-made solution and support you along the way.

Let us give you some good examples –

Tinting Machinery

For a specialist market there’s a lot of choice, so making the right choice is key. We provide advice on what machinery will best suit your requirements depending on the type of coatings you want to tint, the colorants you want to use, the volume of product you want to tint and the speed at which you need to process tinted product.

Linked to this are your software and database requirements, whether you’re starting from scratch or have a legacy of colour recipes you want to migrate, or a spectrophotometer you need to integrate we can assist.

Colorant Dispersions

Colorant technology continues to evolve, improving product performance and cost efficiency. Our core selection of water based and universal dispersions, for POS tinting machinery and in-plant dosing, are at the forefront of colorant technology.

But this isn’t the only route. Many customers have a legacy of using older colorant technologies which they are reluctant to switch from, particularly if they fear a change could lead to disruption. That is why we offer countertype colorants as an alternative, ‘pour-over’ dispersions that can be simply switched to. Quite commonly at a lower cost than the original, they have the same characteristics enabling you to use your existing colour recipe database.

Behind the product there’s a network of R&D support. As no two customers are the same, we tailor to suit your requirements. That could be providing a bespoke selection of colour recipes for a particular paint finish, full characterisation of a wide selection of bases, the transfer of an existing recipe database or the creation of a new one. Whatever the route you want to take we can guide you through it.

Colour Tinting Machinery

Highly accurate and reliable machinery for colour mixing is a pre-cursor for paints and coatings manufacturers and distributors.

Our dedicated products and support services are at the leading edge of dispensing technology.

Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for Hero S.p.A in the UK and Ireland.


Dispensing Systems

From entry-level manual machines, to in plant tinting systems, we offer the complete range of Hero tinting equipment.

Mixing Systems

We supply Hero vibration and gyroscopic mixers suitable for all types of coatings, from printing inks to plaster.


We offer a complete installation and system training service with UK based systems engineers.


Post warranty periods we offer an optional parts and labour service and support contract to suit the needs of our customers.


For further product, software and technical information on the Hero range please visit the Hero website.

Tide logo

In association with Tide-UK, Colour Genie offers dedicated maintenance and service support for all Hero dispensing and mixing machinery. We offer annual service agreements tailored to suit specific customer requirements and budgets, from fully inclusive contracts to maintenance only. We also supply all sundry items and machine parts for Hero systems. (Tide-UK also provide independent service and maintenance support for many other makes of dispensing and mixing machinery.)

For further information please contact Colour Genie. (For urgent technical assistance please contact Jared Wright at jw@tide-uk.com)

Alfa Colorpaint Dispenser

Car Refinishing

‘The new revolution in car refinishing’

CR6 – Created to offer body shops a fully automated solution for the colour mixing process. The CR6 dispenser is fully integrated with the current technologies (spectrophotometer and formula software) to significantly improve the operator’s experience.

Key mechanical features and benefits:

  • Variable volume pumps
  • Minimum drop down to 0.0077cc *
  • Flow rate 0.25 l/min
  • Dynamic performance valves
  • 100% product recirculation
  • No purge needed
  • No dripping
  • No air bubbles
  • No wear and tear
  • No calibration
  • No cleaning needed

Alfa’s dispensers maintain colour repeatability in all conditions over time with no recalibration required after initial set-up.


Key remote service features and benefits:

  • Remote installation and maintenance
  • Modify circuit parameters (stirring timing, recirculation, purge, etc)
  • Perform troubleshooting and solve issues
  • Reduce service costs, predict spare part usage, and optimize engineer visits
  • Update Software and Firmware of multiple machines with one click
  • Receive alarm notifications of your dispensers on your smartphone
  • Collect and graphically visualize data from the dispensers (dispensations, alarms, etc)

The Master System

No More Compromises

When Edoardo Rossetti founded Alfa in 2014, his vision based on over 50 years’ experience was to revolutionise the tinting process. Fast forward to 2019 and the Master System from Alfa is launched. Patented technology which removes the need for multiple tinting bases at point of sale, reducing base stock inventory by 50-80% (compared to a conventional 2 to 5 base system). A single base system which controls both the tint strength and colour at POS, preventing the excess use of both Titanium Dioxide and colourant typical to conventional multiple-base tinting systems. The result is materials cost savings of up to 15% and precise colour matching by using exactly the right quantity of combined TiO2 and colourant. Existing POS tinting systems can use the Master System in conjunction with an intermediate dosing module (Muletto) which provides the TiO2 and intermediates dosing into a single finish base.

Master System Benefits


  • Reduce inventory
  • Reduce working capital
  • Simplify point of sale
  • Increase square meter profitability


  • Colour matching
  • Product quality
  • Improved colour space
  • Total control of colour and opacity


  • Reduced use of raw materials
  • Optimized production
  • Optimized colour formulas
  • Increased profit

If you want to transform your tinting offer, significantly rationalise your tinting SKU count and reduce excessive use of raw materials then contact us now at info@colourgenie.co.uk


Makes Master a reality

  • No calibrations
  • No purges
  • No cleaning
  • No product dripping
  • No product drying
  • No product with air bubbles
  • No pumps wear and tear
  • Perfect accuracy and repeatability
  • Low maintenance costs

When used in conjunction with an existing POS colorant dispenser, the Muletto makes the Master System a reality. Through controlling the precise dispense of intermediate ingredients, namely the TIO2 slurry and fillers, the Muletto converts a single base into a strength-controlled base ready for the addition of colourant.


For further information on how full tinting automation can transform your business please contact us at info@colourgenie.co.uk


Master at Point of Sale

Wet colour samples are the best way to test the colour and quality of a product for any decorating project.

Using just 1sqm of floor space, the Colour Tester is the perfect tool to enter new sales channels such as furniture stores and shopping centres.

With an integrated mixer and the ability to produce multiple brands and product finishes, the Colour Tester provides the customer with a new experience when it comes to buying paint.

Consumer Advantages

  • Test colour and quality
  • Customized product
  • New buying experience
  • Colours always available
  • Brand experience

Retailer Advantages

  • Offer full colour range in 10sqft
  • Generate additional instore and online sales
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Removes colour chips and tinting base SKU's

For more information on the Color Tester and how it can transform your presence in a rapidly changing retail environment please contact us at info@colourgenie.co.uk

Process Machinery

Colour Genie Group Limited are pleased to announce their latest collaboration with IEC+ of Italy. The mechanical engineering company specialise in the design and manufacture of Mixing, Grinding and Dispersing Equipment as well as complete Engineering Studies and Turnkey Solutions.

The company’s dynamic team have over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery and plant solutions to the following industries –

  • Paints & Varnishes
  • Polymers & Adhesives
  • Putties & Glazes
  • Industrial, Coil and Wood coatings
  • Marine & Aeronautical coatings
  • Car Refinishing
  • Printing, Offset and UV inks
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Ceramics, Cosmetics, Perfume and Food

IEC+ offers a complete product and support package to process manufacturing organisations. In conjunction with Colour Genie Group Limited, the business is rapidly gaining a strong reputation for reliable, quality equipment and service at a very competitive price.

Washing Systems and Solvent Recovery

D.W.RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH are a medium-sized company that develops, manufactures and sells cleaning and solvent recovery systems for the graphic arts industry and the paint producing industry. They are the market leader in the graphic arts industry and one of the world's leading suppliers to the paint industry. Renzmann equipment can be found on all continents of the world. High quality standards have earned Renzmann a good reputation around the globe.

Following the merger with the Swiss company Riobeer AG Cleaning Solutions, D.W. Renzmann is now able to offer customers the widest range of washing machines and distillation units by one manufacturer.

Thanks to their decades of experience in these special markets, Renzmann are able to offer customers all the support they need. Whether you need help applying for an operating license, planning your washing or distillation room, evaluating the economic efficiency of equipment or finding the best cleaners and cleaning methods, the qualified experts at D.W. Renzmann can provide advice in all areas.

Washing machines for the paint producing industry

Renzmann machines and units conform to the relevant European regulations and offer maximum health and safety protection for the operator. Washing machines are used to clean cans, buckets, barrels, containers and shipping containers.

Distillation units

Distillation units recover contaminated solvents and washing agents. The distillate is as effective as new solvent and can be reintroduced into the solvent circuit of the cleaning system. This contribution to a healthy environment also has significant economic benefits as most distillation units recoup their costs in a very short time.

All distillation units can be combined with a washing machine and an appropriate washing agent supply system to form a closed circuit.

Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for DW Renzmann GmbH in the UK and Ireland for the paint industry.

For further product and technical information on the Renzmann range please visit the Renzmann website.


Colourants & Pigments


Iris Green is a leading provider of organic pigments, pigment preparations and dyes. Our water-based and universal colourants/dispersions, powder pigments and dyes are used in paints and coatings, printing inks, plastics, textiles and special applications. With over 20 years of experience and know-how our products have a reputation for technical performance and quality, an offer which is supported by our specialized technicians. Iris Green proactively ensures that products meet international standards for environmental, health and safety performance.

Colourant dispersions for POS Tinting Systems

Water-Based Dispersions

IrisBlendW® is the new series of water-based pigment dispersions specifically created for POS Tinting Systems.

  • Excellent compatibility across a wide range of water-based coating systems.
  • A choice of 25 pigment dispersions to build a PERSONALIZED system for indoor, outdoor and universal applications.
  • Produced to rigid quality specifications that guarantee consistent colour strength, shade and rheology.
  • VOC and APE free and satisfy the latest environmental requirements.
  • Compatible with our Colour Management Software - IrisBlendSW
  • Compatible with most makes of tinting machines including Hero, Corob, Fast Fluid, Dromont and Santint.

Universal Dispersions

IrisBlendU® is the new series of universal pigment dispersions specifically created for POS Tinting Systems.

  • Excellent compatibility across a wide range of solvent and water-based coating systems.
  • A choice of 25 pigment dispersions to build a PERSONALIZED system for indoor, outdoor and universal applications.
  • Produced to rigid quality specifications that guarantee consistent colour strength, shade and rheology.
  • VOC and APE free and satisfy the latest environmental requirements.
  • Compatible with our Colour Management Software - IrisBlendSW.
  • Compatible with most makes of tinting machines including Hero, Corob, Fast Fluid, Dromont and Santint.

Colourant dispersions for In-Plant Systems


Organic and inorganic pigment dispersion concentrate pastes, free from binders, ground resins and solvents.

  • Applicable to both water based and solvent based paints, varnishes and decorative coatings.
  • A technological compromise which combines methods of dyeing for both solvent and water based products, thus reducing storage, logistics and stockholding costs.


Organic and inorganic pigment dispersions that are water-based, VOC-free, APE-free and binder-free. Produced to rigid quality specifications that guarantee consistent colour strength, shade and rheology.

Wood Line

Transparent iron oxide colorants, VOC-free and APE-free, suitable for wood coatings, both water-based and solvent-based.
They are also compatible with IrisBlendW, IrisBlendU and IrisECO.

Colour Management Software

IrisBlendSW® is the software solution for management of colorimetry with architectural/decorative paints. Key features are as follows:

  • The user can select a colour from a colour chart stored in the database for a particular paint and respective quantity.
  • The recipe for internal and/or external use will be automatically sent to the POS tinting machine for dispensing.
  • By integrating with a spectrophotometer, the user can manage archived colour charts and generate brand new colours in a real time and send the recipe to the dispenser.
  • IrisBlendSW® shows in display the selected colour while listing the colourants required to complete the formula.
  • The software can supply other information such as the cost, the customer, destination and additional customized notes.
  • The software automatically creates in its own historical database of the formulas for future use.
  • IrisBlendSW® easily integrates with spectrophotometers and tinting machines such as X-Rite, Datacolor, Corob, Hero and Fast Fluid. A simple interface and a graphic customization can personalize the software viewed on screen with your branding.

Powder Pigments

SipFast® is our comprehensive range of powder pigments, both organic and inorganic.  Download the pdf for details on compatibility for different applications including solvent and water-based inks, offset inks, plastics, solvent and water-based paints and coatings.


Solvent Dyes for Plastics

Plastic dyes for use with thermoplastic polymers. Compatible with the following:

  • PPO, PVC, PET, PBT and Polyamides

The Plastic dyes are not compatible with polyolefin materials and materials containing plasticizers. You can obtain transparent tones and/or nuances in fluorescent materials such as PS and SAN or opaque pastel colours through the use in combination with titanium dioxide, nickel titanate, iron oxide, etc.

Effects Pigments


Pearlescent pigments suitable for use with plastics, paints, paper, textiles, synthetic leather, decorative products and anywhere that requires a pearlescent or iridescent look to the manufactured article.

Iris Glitter

Glitter effect used for textile printing, paints, decorations and plastics. Available in a polyester resin. Available in 5 different particle sizes from 1/64” to 1/360”.


Powder pigments used in the fields of textile printing, paints, decorations and plastics. These products can be provided, on request, even in dispersion.

Metals in powder and paste

For use in paints, wood coatings and specialist coatings. Available in the following metals:

  • Aluminium powder (leafing and no leafing)
  • Aluminium paste solvent-based (leafing and no leafing)
  • Aluminium paste water-based (leafing and no leafing)
  • Granulated bronze
  • Bronze powder solvent-based
  • Bronze paste solvent-based
  • Bronze paste water-based

Technical Assistance

Our quality control, research and development laboratory is second to none:

  • We have the latest modern technology and instruments necessary for controlling products as they enter and leave.
  • Equipped to provide our clients with all the technical assistance they require.
  • The experience gained by the laboratory over the years has allowed us to create products with an elevated standard of compatibility.
  • Our formula methods are controlled by our laboratory and conform to specific technologies with precise indicators. Measures such as colorimetric, colorimeter, viscosity, specific weight, pH and parameters which establish the stability of our products in particular conditions.

Our laboratory is at your disposal to develop and discuss new solutions that respond to your demands and achieve high performance and reliability.

Our team of technicians can assist with:

  • the choice of pigment preparation
  • the characteristics of the paint or coating
  • building a recipe database
  • developing colour charts
  • personalized colour choices
Iris Green

Colour Cards

Matherson - Color Sampling Since 1959

Colour Genie are the exclusive agents for Matherson S.p.A in the UK and Ireland. An independent company with a global vision, Matherson have been producing technically advanced colour communication tools for over 60 years.

Colour Cards

Printed media on which a range of colour chips are applied using different techniques.

Colour cards are a versatile tool, made unique by the customization of graphics and formats. Depending on the technical requirements and the markets they are aimed at, colours can be applied on the printed card either as individual paint chips or by direct paint deposit.

We supply colour cards to many premium paint and brands and users of coatings in various market sectors including decorative/architectural, joinery, KBB, industrial, marine and specialist.

Peel & Stick Samples

Paint-coated swatches on a low-tack adhesive substrate that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces without leaving any marks, providing a speedier, lower cost/less-waste alternative to wet paint sample pots.

Our revolutionary paint swatch samples can be personalised and made to a bespoke size of your choice. Using either our colour-matched paint or actual customer paint they provide a 100% accurate representation of colour, allowing the user to try on different walls and in different light without the mess or inconvenience associated with wet paint samples.

Fan Decks

Fan-shaped tools with pages in one or more colours, fixed by a screw or rivet.

Fan decks are a practical colour tool for professional designers, specifiers and technical experts alike. As well as colour matched paint on coated card; textured, metallic or effects coatings can be applied to multiple substrates including plastics, woods and metals. With shapes and sizes to suit requirements the options to you are endless.

Colour Books

Ring-bound folders with large pure paint swatches, refillable and easy to update.

Our colour books are the perfect solution for design and decoration showrooms and studios. Bespoke designed, in various ring-bound formats, folders can be refreshed and updated over time giving them a longer working lifespan.

Countertop Displays

Durable colour samples in display boxes for regular customer use in stores and showrooms.

Particularly popular in specialist decoration stores and studios, countertop displays are a practical solution for high-traffic use. Providing a colour accurate, durable reference point, the samples can be sized, shaped, indexed and displayed to your requirements. Hand or machine finished in various materials such as composites and plastics, the display boards are made to last.

BS/RAL Colour Charts

Colour sampling on a limited budget.

Our A2 size RAL/BS wall charts can be cost-effectively personalised with your branding and product information. They include the main BS4800/381C and RAL Classic colour collections as 100% accurate deposit colour chips. Ideal for quick reference and workshops, they get your name out there and associated with industry standard colours at a low cost.

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